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What is an animateur?

From the great Wikipedia:

"An animateur is a musical professional whose role is to engage audiences with a new or unfamiliar form of music, 'bringing it to life' beyond what might be expected in a traditional performance."

My answer:

Animateurs are fellow musicians who collaborate with ensembles and directors to create experiences that promote innovative engagement between audience and performers through interdisciplinary solutions, often changing the way people think about traditional art forms.



Most people ask why animateur?

As directors and educators:

We need more collective mentoring instead of following the latest choral content creator on Instagram.

We need more contextual solutions to our problems.

We need more learning through experience than consuming.

We need more practice that applies theory.

We can create healthier and more sustainable solutions together. Working with an animateur releases pressure to figure it out yourself and helps you rely on the resources, both human and material, that are present in your ensemble now. It is a collaborative experience that grows your practice-based solutions as a leader and educator.


Previous Community Projects

Symphony of Retrospect

A collaboration with the Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra on the 50th Anniversary Season that included interactive research, coffee talk presentations, and a 50th Anniversary book.

aqua :: in terra pax

Using a Headmaster's school year theme of "Earth," a concert was created to include water themed repertoire and interactive kiosks were created by students for audience members to engage with sustainable water research.

More Coming

More of Joshua's previous projects will be posted soon...

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